Object Codes - Commonly Used


4100000 Approved Textbooks & Core Curricula Materials
4200000 Books & other reference materials
4300000 Materials & Supplies -$499 or less
4400000 Noncapitalized Equipment -$500.00 to $4999

(Single item price over $500)
5200000 Travel & Conferences
5200283 Meals Reimbursement
5200285 Mileage Reimbursement
5300000 Dues & Memberships
5600000 Rentals, Leases, Repairs and Non-capitalized Improvements

(Repairs: Labor & Materials if outside vendor did work)
5600279 Maintenance Agreements
5600365 Xerox Lease
5800000 Professional/Consulting Services

1. (record expenditures for personal services by someone

not on the payroll.)

~services are by an independent contractor (individual, entity

or firm) that offers its services to the public…usually considered

short term in nature.

2. (record expenditures for printing, engraving etc. performed by

outside agency.)

3.(record expenditures for catering servcies provided by outside


4.(Record expenditures for lodging of staff on field trips.)

Internet based publications and materials. Periodic cost of

licensing, support and maintenance agreement for nonequipment

items, such as software.Intial licensing and other costs

incurred as part of a major system acquisition should be

recorded as Object code 6400.)
5800209 Admission/Entrance Fees for field trips
5800219 Assemblies
5900291 Postage
5900317 Telephone
5900318 Cell Phone/pager
6400000 Equipment -$5000 and up