Application for Use of RUSD Facilities

Thank you for considering the use of Ramona Unified School District’s facilities for your organization. We welcome the opportunity to serve the greater Ramona community.

Use of RUSD Facilities 

  1. Check availability by calling Maintenance (787.2053). Maintenance & Operations Secretary will check with site for availability.
  2. Once availability is determined, complete Application for Use of District Facilities. For District or School use, only the first page is necessary. For any outside group or organization, the Rules of Use of Facilities must also be completed. Be thorough in set up requirements. If you have questions, call the Maintenance & Operations office.
  3. Each different and separate event requires a separate form. For example, the PTA holds regular meetings and those can be on one form; the PTA family carnival needs to be on a separate form. Different sports activities from outside groups needs to be on separate forms.
  4. If your event is on a weekend or goes beyond 10:30pm on a weekday, you may be required to pay custodian overtime.
  5. If your event requires use of the kitchen, a food service worker is required to be there and you may be required to pay food service worker overtime.
  6. If your event is cancelled or changes, please call or email the Maintenance & Operations Secretary.
  7. After hours, you can contact Jason Lane, M&O Supervisor, at 760-315-1053 with any concerns that need to be addressed right away.
  8. If there are problems with the site during your event, (i.e., lights burned out, air conditioning not on, etc.), notify Maintenance & Operations on the next work day so we can fix the problem.
  9. All outside groups are advised that their event can be bumped if a school event is scheduled for the same time.
  10. All outside groups' use of RUSD facilities must go through the Maintenance & Operations office to ensure we have contact information, insurance, applicable charges are applied, etc.
  11. Requests for use of the Charles E Nunn Performing Arts Center must go through the Maintenance & Operations office and be handled on a Application for Use of District Facilities form.