Payroll - FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions
Payroll Department

1.  When do I get paid?

All employees are paid on the last business day of the month ~ Click on PAYROLL DATES.

2.  What time can I pick up my check?

All checks are ready for pick up at the District office between 7:00A.M. – 3:00 P.M. on pay day.

3.  When are timesheets due?

All timesheets are due on the first business day of the following month. Timesheet Due Dates

4.  What happens when I cannot pick up my check on payday?

If employee doesn’t make other arrangements, the check will be mailed on payday to the address on file.

5.  Can my mother, father, spouse, etc. pick up my payroll check?

Anyone may pick up your payroll check as long as a written and signed authorization by the employee is submitted.

6.  Why am I being docked?

Usually, employees are docked due to the fact that their vacation, sick leave or personal necessity days have been exhausted.  Please contact us for additional information and other reasons you may have been docked.

7.  What happens if there is an error on my check?

Please notify the Payroll Dept. to address your concern Pam--760-787-2027, Lisa--760-787-2026.

8.  Who do I call if I need information and/or forms regarding employee insurance?

Please contact Connie Fierro in Benefits 760-787-2033.  Benefits

9.  I have closed my bank account but have direct deposit, who do I need to tell?

Please contact the Payroll Dept. before you close your bank account if possible.  If payroll has already been processed, there may be a delay in receiving your paycheck.

10. When do substitutes get paid?

Example: Hours worked in May will be paid the last business day of the following month (June).

11. Are the sick leave and vacation hours on my pay stub current?

The vacation/sick leave balances on your pay stub reflect balances ending the month prior. (example: pay stub for May30 will reflect balances as of April 30) ~ NOTE: if we received any attendance after processing date, your balances may not be current.  Please contact us with any questions.