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Technology and Information Services
Welcome to Technology and Information Services

The mission of the Technology and Information Services Department is to help students and staff utilize technology tools to propel student learning and provide efficient and effective ways to manage school business.

PowerTeacher Quick Reference Cards

over 2 years ago

PowerTeacher Basics

  • Signing in to PowerSchool, Changing your password, Taking attendance, Working with the seating chart, Viewing student information
PowerTeacher Gradebook - Getting Started
  • Launching the Gradebook, Accessing student information, Entering Assignments, Entering Scores
PowerTeacher Gradebook - Working with Grades
  • Grade scale setup, Final Grade Calculations, Score Inspector, Citizenship grades, Final Grade Completion
PowerTeacher Gradebook - Analysis and Reporting
  • Deeper look at grades and reporting in the gradebook

PowerTeacher Pro (New Gradebook) - User Guide

PowerTeacher Pro (New Gradebook) - Training PowerPoint

PowerTeacher Pro (New Gradebook) - Quick Reference Card

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