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Amy Bradshaw Expanded Learning Program Manager District Office 760-787-2082

Kathleen Wager Expanded Learning Program Supervisor District Office 760-787-2059 Elizabeth Abarca Administrative Assistant District Office 760-787-2082

Ana Torres THRIVE Accountant District Office 760-787-2051

Naomi Bunting Lead Assistant Barnett Elementary 760-787-3550 Anna Berger-Graham Lead Assistant Hanson Elementary 760-787-2109

Kim Escoto Lead Assistant James Dukes Elementary 760-788-5060 (ext. 5009)

Laura Peterson Lead Assistant Mt. Woodson Elementary 760-788-5120 (ext.5146)

Cynthia Hunsaker Lead Assistant Ramona Elementary 760-787-4422

Robert De La Paz Lead Assistant Itinerant

Bernandeth Negrete Lead Assistant RCMS Elementary 760-787-3618

Carmen Vicaldo TEEN'S Lead Olive Peirce Middle School 760-787-2438


Welcome to THRIVE!

Thank you for considering our program to meet your childcare needs! The THRIVE Program is dedicated to maintaining an environment where your child will feel safe, supported, and valued, and we are proud to provide your child with a quality program where they will THRIVE among their peers.

The THRIVE team understands the importance of positive connections and relationships with our students and families, and it is our goal for your child to feel a sense of belonging while in our program. All sites maintain a staff-to-student ratio of 1:10 (TK/K), and 1:20 (1st-6th grade), so our staff can focus on quality care for each child, and provide academic tutoring and enrichment activities that align with and support the instruction occurring in their classrooms during the school day. While a typical daily schedule may vary from site to site, throughout the week all children in THRIVE will be provided with time and space  dedicated to homework (or academic enrichment) and opportunities for character building, social emotional learning, and recreational activities. THRIVE is a space for students to express their creativity and build upon relationships, while having fun!

Student and parent input is valuable and will support our program’s continued growth and success. Please communicate any questions, comments or concerns you may have with us. We are looking forward to partnering with you to provide your child with the best experience possible in our program.


Amy Bradshaw

Expanded Learning Program Manager