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Online Registration Overview

What is PowerSchool Enrollment?

PowerSchool Enrollment is the District’s online student registration system that handles both NEW student registrations and PROMOTING student back-to-school registrations.  If you are returning to the district after leaving for any length of time, complete a NEW student registration.  Registrars will make the connection to any existing student record/number.

Online enrollment is handled on two separate platforms.  RUSD families with promoting students use their PowerSchool Parent Accounts to complete back-to-school registrations.  This process opens annually on July 15th.  It is important to note that inactive student records are NOT part of the annual back-to-school student group.  Only students with active registrations on the last day of school are loaded into the back-to-school registration form.  Registering a NEW student requires parents to create an account – this is NOT connected to your PowerSchool Parent Account.  Snapcodes are not used – if you reach a page asking for a snapcode you either need to clear your browser cache or go back to the instructions provided by the site.

For more information on registering a new student, reference the “New Student” page.  For more information on back-to-school registration click on the “Returning Students"page.  Contact your child’s school for assistance with PowerSchool Parent Accounts.

**Registration is open for the CURRENT 2022-2023 school year only.   Registrations do not transfer from year-to-year.  When two academic years are open, select the correct school year to begin.  Erroneous registrations will be deleted.**

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