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2023-24 Back-to-School Registration Forms for Promoting Students
For the 2023-24 school year the Back-to-School Registration forms opened on July 15, 2023; giving parents plenty of time PRIOR to the first day of school to complete this mandatory process.  These online back-to-school forms take approximately 10 minutes to complete and are accessible through your PowerSchool Parent Account (not the APP). This process must be completed for every returning student at all RUSD school sites that was enrolled in the district on the last day of the 2022-2023 school year.  If you are rejoining our district after a departure of any span, your student will not be part of this process.  Refer to the New Student Enrollment pages.  

Back-to-school registration directions - English / Spanish

Included in this returning student back-to-school process are all promoting students from feeder schools.  For example, if your 6th grade elementary student is promoting to 7th grade at OPMS, you will access these forms from your PowerSchool Parent Account.  If your 8th grade middle school student is promoting to 9th grade at RHS, you will access these forms from your PowerSchool Parent Account.  DO NOT COMPLETE A NEW STUDENT REGISTRATION FOR A PROMOTING STUDENT. If you do not have a Parent Account, contact the front office of your students current school site to get one set up.  Be sure to take the time to create these accounts when your school site is open to provide support.

To ensure a smooth back-to-school registration process, always notify your current school where you intend to enroll the following year and submit any necessary forms (if changing schools) prior to school closure.  Parents cannot change the school of enrollment in back-to-school registration.  If you've moved, contact your school site to setup an address verification appointment and bring in required documentation.

When completing this back-to-school registration process for multiple returning students, you must first navigate to each student in your PowerSchool Parent Account and then launch the "Back-to-School Registration" process from within each individual student's profile (student's are alphabetized by first name in the top blue bar).  Once launched, the first step in making the connection is entering the DOB for the student you launched.  You will not be able to verify multiple students from a single student's page; you must navigate to each individual student in order to move forward.  Returning students must be validated through this Back-to-School Registration process in order to be placed in classes.  Erroneous NEW student registrations found for returning students in the NEW form will be deleted.  Please take the time to complete this process correctly.

If you've left our district for any span of time and are returning, please complete a NEW student registration and alert the registrar of your previous enrollment with RUSD.  This returning student process is for our annual Back-to-School Registrations and does not handle students returning to the district after exiting the district for ANY span of time.

If you have a question related to specific registration questions and the registration process, please contact the front office of your school site during regular office hours (closed the month of July).  If you need assistance setting up your Parent Account, please visit the Parent Account section of this website for troubleshooting and extensive FAQ's.  Still having trouble?  Contact the front office of your school site during regular office hours (closed the month of July). Only school sites support back-to-school online registration.


PowerSchool Parent Account Help

If you need help setting up your Parent Account for Back-to-School purposes, visit the Parent Account section of this website for troubleshooting and extensive FAQ's.  Still need help? Contact the front office of your school site during regular office hours (closed July). Only the school sites provide parent account support.  Be sure to take the time to create these accounts when your school site is open to provide support.  District Registration support will assist with parent account issues for the two weeks during school site summer closures; shifting back to 100% site support on August 1st.

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