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Account Setup

Ramona Unified School District uses Single Sign-on (SSO) technology for our PowerSchool Parent Accounts.  This allows parents to create one account and then link that account to each of their student(s) utilizing access keys.  Each student has a unique set of access keys that are issued by their registered school site.  With SSO technology, one parent log in accesses the full range of features for each of your registered students.  Creating an account is simple, takes only a few minutes and only has to be done one time.  However, you cannot create an account without having a set of access keys.

When you are ready to create your parent account, follow these steps:

  1. Open the internet browser on your computer
  2. Type into the address bar
  3. Click on the Create Account tab
  4. Enter your First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Desired Username & Desired Password
  5. Use the Access Codes issued by your child’s school site.  Enter Student Name, Access ID, Access Password and select YOUR relationship to student.  If you have more than one child, and have each of their access codes, you can put each of their access codes and passwords in here.  Click enter.
  6. View the information.
  7. Remember to log off when you are finished.

PowerSchool Parent Accounts have access to more features than student accounts.  You will not be able to complete back-to-school forms or connect with SchoolMessenger from your student’s log in account.

There is also a PowerSchool App available from the App store for both Android & Apple devices.  Get real-time notifications when a grade changes (either up or down) and be notified immediately when your student is marked tardy or absent.  These push notification alerts are managed through the App settings after installation.  Once the APP is installed, you will need to use your Parent Account username/password, along with our District Code to complete the setup.  The District Code needed for this App can be found in your Parent Account along the left navigation.

It is important to note that the App platform is meant to augment your PowerSchool Parent Account; not replace it.  The App is great for push notifications of attendance and grade changes.  Accessing your PowerSchool Parent Account from an internet browser provides a more comprehensive way to monitor student progress.  You will not be able to complete the annual returning student "Information Verification" forms from the APP.

Already have a PowerSchool Parent Account and need to add more students to your existing account?  Simply log into your existing PowerSchool Parent Account, click on "Account Preferences" then click on the "Student" tab.  When in the "Students" tab, click the blue "Add" button.  Type in your students name, the Access ID & Password provided by your school site, select your relationship to student and click okay.  That is all there is to it!  Multiple students appear across the top blue bar, in alphabetical order by first name.

Having trouble?  Please visit the troubleshooting section.  Still having trouble?  The Parent Account FAQ section is extensive.  Please visit this section to further troubleshoot.  Contact your school site's front office after you've exhausted your own troubleshooting efforts.

If you do not have a computer or internet access, there are computers available at your student's school site for parents and families to set up their PowerSchool Parent Accounts.

The Parent Account web address is:


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