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Chromebook Distribution Program

Distribution of student technology and instructional materials at the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year is foundational to providing students with access to the resources they will need to successfully engage in distance learning. For distance learning in the fall, RUSD is preparing to loan Chromebook devices for students in grades TK-12 who need technology to engage in virtual learning. School sites will distribute Chromebook devices to students at the beginning of the year, along with instructional materials and resources.

Checking Out a District Owned Chromebook

Please complete the Student/Parent or Guardian Chromebook Assignment Form (click here for English or Spanish). Forms are to be turned in directly to your student's school site, and they will then issue your student a Chromebook. 

Getting Internet Access

For information on low-cost internet and affordable computers, please review the Internet Access Plan Availability Flyer (click here for English or Spanish).

Optional Chromebook Insurance

The District is offering an optional, voluntary insurance program to provide financial protection against accidental damage (including screen breakage) of devices occurring off school grounds. This program is self-funded and all monies collected will be deposited into a special account to be used for repair or replacement of damaged, lost, or stolen student devices. The cost to participate in the 2020-2021 school year Optional Chromebook Insurance program is $50. This insurance cost will cover only one replacement per year; after each replacement/fix, you must reapply for the insurance again. The cost is not subject to reduction or refund for partial year participation due to late enrollment in or early withdrawal from the District. Premiums paid will cover Chromebook insurance for the entire 2020-2021 school year.

Optional Chromebook Insurance can be purchased within a specified period (“Enrollment Period”). The Enrollment Period is generally from the beginning of the school year through September 15th. For students enrolling after the enrollment deadline, the Enrollment Period would be within the first ten (10) school days of receiving a District Issued Chromebook. To enroll in the Optional Insurance Program, please visit Payments must be made online by credit or debit card.

Below is a table that summarizes the circumstances under which a parent/guardian may be held financially responsible for damage/loss/theft of a student Chromebook in contrast to conditions under which the District would take financial responsibility:

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