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Parent Account Troubleshooting

The most common issues setting up a PowerSchool Parent Account are:

  1. Trying to use the Access Keys for a username/password.
  2. Trying to setup another Parent Account when one already exists.
  3. Trying to use the same email address for multiple accounts.


Remember that the access keys provided by your school site are NOT your username and password to access a PowerSchool Parent Account.  Following the outlined process noted on the Account Setup page you are creating your own account (selecting your own username/password) and linking your account to your student(s) information with the access keys.  Again, the access keys are NOT your username & password.

With SSO technology, it is only necessary to set up one parent account.  Once your account is created, you do not need to create multiple accounts to access all your children.  Simply log into your existing account, click on Account Preferences and add your additional student's access keys to an existing account.

Every username and email address within the PowerSchool Parent Account system must be unique.  One email address cannot be used for multiple accounts and only one user can have a particular username.  If your desired username is taken, please select another username.

The Parent Account FAQ section is extensive.  Please visit this section to further troubleshoot.  Contact your school site's front office after you've exhausted your own troubleshooting efforts.

The Parent Account web address is:

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