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Program Improvement Update

Program Improvement Year 3
Corrective Action

RUSD Instructional Focus:  All students construct learning through relevant and rigorous tasks that demonstrate standards-based speaking, reading, writing, creating and problem solving.

Ramona Unified School District entered Program Improvement Year 3 (PI3), Corrective Action in the 2013-14 School Year.   Program Improvement is based on results of the California Standards Test (CST). A requirement of PI3, was to seek technical assistance from an outside agency to assist the district in closing the achievement gap that exists between “all students” and unduplicated student groups.  PI3 specifically focuses on raising the academic achievement of Title I eligible students. 

In June of 2014, Ramona Unified School District entered into a partnership with the San Diego County Office of Education for Technical Assistance.  Staff members form the School Improvement Unit of SDCOE and district staff worked together to develop districtwide professional learning for all teachers based on the extensive research of John Hattie.  Our focus has been to develop all students into Self-regulated Learners, knowing that this work will have the greatest impact on closing the achievement gap that exists in our district.  As a result, we created the Instructional Focus that is the “north star” of our districtwide professional learning.

Although the California Standards Test was discontinued in spring 2014, and the California Assessment of Performance and Progress has since replaced it, RUSD has evidence that our work has positively impacted our teachers and students.  As a result, we continue to partner with SDCOE.  Each year all teachers and administrators in RUSD participate in professional Learning focused on closing the achievement gap and helping all students become Self-regulated Learners.

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