Employee Reimbursements


The San Diego County Office of Education audits all reimbursements and requires “Proof of Payment”.

Depending on the method of payment, we will need the following:

  1. Original invoices marked as “Paid"
  2. The “Ship To” address on your invoice must be the school’s address and NOTyour home address.
  3. Original receipt for expenses. 
  4. When no invoice or receipt is available, an original credit card statement showing the current charge.  Your name must appear on the statement.  You may black out all charges except the ones involved. 

Reimbursement Forms:

Travel Expense Claim Form: use when leaving the district for a conference/meeting other than at the San Diego County Office of Ed.

Reimbursement for hotel charges, meals, mileage etc. are paid by using this form

Expense Claim for Mileage of Employee’s Car:  use when getting reimbursed for mileage only.  
2017 Mileage Form 
Current mileage reimbursement rate is .535 cents/per mile (effective Jan. 1, 2017)

RUSD Invoice  use when requesting reimbursement for supplies, misc. items.

Make sure you get all the appropriate signatures on your reimbursement forms to avoid any delay in processing your request.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for your request to be processed!!

Employee Reimbursements

Debbie Bowen
Ph: 760-787-2029
Fax: 760-788-2185