Online Registration Overview

What is PowerSchool Online Registration?
PowerSchool Online Registration (formerly known as InfoSnap) is the District’s online enrollment system that handles both NEW student registrations and RETURNING student information updates.  PowerSchool Online Registration is a secure process that not only allows brand new families to register online prior to visiting a school site; it also allows the District to annually verify all student information in PowerSchool, which is our student information database.  Utilizing online registration, parents/guardians can electronically sign the annual permission forms for school district policies, update phone numbers, make address changes, update emergency contacts, update health forms, etc.  Returning student families complete this process via their PowerSchool Parent Accounts.

Online registration will replace much of the annual paper registration packets for returning students, saving parents valuable time.  During our inaugural year (2016-2017) each school site implemented information verification for returning students at different times.  Secondary school sites implemented during Fall registration whereas elementary school sites implemented during back-to-school nights and/or parent teacher conferences. 

Each family of a returning student received multiple letters with your access keys to establish a Parent Account and link your account to your student(s)Keep your Parent Account information in a safe location; this is required for annual back-to-school processing.

Why is RUSD making this change now?
For families, online registration eliminates the need to fill out and return lengthy paper packets to your school.  For schools, it minimizes data entry for staff and increases accuracy in our records.

We are a returning RUSD family.  How do I get started?
Create a PowerSchool Parent Account.  Parent Account information has been sent out multiple times from each of our school sites.  If you have never created a PowerSchool Parent Account, please contact your school office for the necessary access keys to proceedIt is only necessary to create a Parent Account one time.  With this parent account you will log in annually to verify student information and complete back-to-school forms.  Forms for 2017-2018 opened 7/15/2017.

Once you are logged into your account, click on the Information Verification link from your left navigation menu.  Once in your student's record, verify your student's information making any necessary changes and additions throughout the process.  After you have completed all required questions and agreements, you are ready to submit.  From the submission page you will also have the ability to print any needed medical forms that need to be submitted to the school office among other school site notifications.

To complete this process for multiple returning students, you must navigate to each student from your PowerSchool Parent Account and launch the "Information Verification" process from within each individual student's profile (student's are alphabetized by first name in the top blue bar).  Once launched, the first step in making the connection is entering the DOB for the student you launched.  You will not be able to verify multiple students from a single student's page; you much navigate to each individual student in order to move forward.  Returning students must be validated through this returning student process.  Erroneous NEW student registrations found for returning students in the NEW form will be deleted.  Please take the time to complete this process correctly.

We are a new RUSD family.  How do I get started?
For students brand new to RUSD (have never attended any RUSD school site before), the NEW student registration portal is open for the 2017-2018 school year.  Click on "New Students" in the left navigation to proceed.